A musical reminder from Alice Bag: “‘No!’ means ‘No!'” (video, lyrics)

by Soy Capitan on March 4, 2016 in Cultura, Video

L.A. punk pioneer Alice Bag (plus friends Allison Wolfe and Rhea Tepp) want to remind the boys that No Means No.

Check out the lyrics:

No Means No

She wears stilettos and a tight, tight skirt

She smiles at you, she’s such a flirt
But no, no, no, means no!

You paid for dinner, she ate dessert
Those tender kisses, Ow! They made you hurt
But no, no, no, means no!

You were both drinking, you walked her home
She let you in, you were alone
She passed out, you pressed your luck
But she pressed charges when she woke up

You stupid fuck! No, means no!
You stupid fuck! No, means no!

Now in the court room, the judge walk in
She wears stilettos, ironic spin
You plead for mercy and leniency
But she responds “That could be me!”

And she says No, no, no, means no!

Lyrics via Alice Bag’s TUMBLR.

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