Brazil pot protestors fly a giant doobie (video)

by CHICHI CHONG on April 29, 2014 in El Now, Video

Marchers hit the streets in 20 Brazilian cities Saturday with the goal of legalizing weed and ending the War on Drugs. In Sao Paolo, protestors flew a large papier maché marijuana spliff over the crowd of roughly 8,000. The chelovek who uploaded this video broke all the shots down, in case you have probs with your short-term memory retention:

M/S Man with marijuana plant and sign that says in English reading “100% natural”
W/S Protesters marching on Paulista Avenue
W/S Protesters marching on Paulista Avenue
W/S Event organiser with bullhorn
W/S Protesters
W/S Smoke generated by protesters
W/S Protesters on Consolacao Avenue
W/S Papier mache marijuana spliff flying through the air with green balloons in Sao Paulo, Brazil

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