Did Romney’s (underpaid?) housekeeper show up in RNC video?

by AL ALONGO WATCHTOWER on August 31, 2012 in El Now

Who is that woman washing dishes or doing laundry in the Romney family home?

Colorlines writes:

Before Mitt Romney was introduced at the Republican National Convention on a Thursday night viewers saw a 10-minute video created to humanize Romney. The video featured the Romney family inside their home several times but in one of the scenes a women who appears to be working for the family in the background was simply ignored.

Is she one of the four housekeepers the reports have alleged Romney is underpaying? It could be, but more importantly some say the video made her invisible.

“As I’m watching Romney’s RNC video spotlighting his family, I find it interesting there is no mention of the woman in the red shirt in the background, who is obviously there helping,” said artist Ramiro Gomez, who’s art looks to start conversations about the labor force that takes care of families and homes.

Colorlines has the whole story and the video.

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Video screen capture courtesy Colorlines via Ramiro Gomez.

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Suzanne P. Miller August 31, 2012 at 12:49 PM

I am a white woman in the Midwest. I have been a domestic (housekeeper) for 11 years. I get ignored all the time in peoples homes. COMPLETELY IGNORED.
I believe some of these wealthier folks think they are above interacting with “the help”.

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