¿Do you know any songs by PIÑATA PROTEST? (music video y lyrics)

by Soy Capitan on March 29, 2019 in Cultura, Video

“¿Got any requests?”

“Claro! Porfa can you play DUI, the latest music video from Piñata Protest?

You won’t believe what happened next! ¡Mira las palabras:


I got pulled over coming out of the bar

I was having a great time dancing, smoking, and as always drinking
I can’t get off of this drunkenness

I saw a taxi passing by
And I whistled “get over here”
He arrived and opened the door
I ended up farting inside the car
Poor taxi driver, he took off in a flash

That’s when I got on my pony
Swerved as I texted my girl
Saw flashing lights from behind me
Knew it was all over now
Looks like I lost on my wager
Rumble and stumble and down

Jail and probation were very hard
I’m finished now and since then
I don’t like to drink anymore
I just pass my days smoking great weed

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