MEXCLUSIVE: Trump’s Pocho Ocho Most Awkward Income Tax Deductions

by Especial Correspondents on October 3, 2016 in El Now, Pocho Ocho

donaldbillDonald Trump’s leaked tax returns prove he played the system to avoid paying his fair share of taxes.

The lamestream media is all over the big ticket items, so POCHO’s crack team went extra deep into the documents to find some smaller write offs the Donald didn’t want the public to see.

We call these Mexclusive discoveries Donald Trump’s Pocho Ocho Most Awkward Income Tax Deductions:

8. Loss carry-forward on Cheeto Powder Commodity Futures Trading

7. Weaves-Я-Us Perpetual Care

6. Depreciation on WifeBot2000


5. Expenses associated with failed startup North American Millionaire-Billionaire Love Association (NAMBLA)

4. Columbia House subscription

3. White sheets

2. Medical ManGirdle™

And Donald Trump’s Numero Uno Most Awkward Income Tax Deduction is…

Platinum Membership in Hands Club for Men

Especial Correspondents Lalo Alcaraz, Professor Equis and Comic Saenz contributed to this report.

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IRENE ROARO-JASSO October 19, 2016 at 8:35 AM

Hi Lalo and Amazing Staff!!

Thanks for the awesome funnies..unfortuneatly..some of the subject matter is sooo just breaks my heart (like that video “who’s gonna build that wall”)..i live in Az. the most racist state of the union..i was born in ELA..lived in Calif. for 63 years..came here 12 years ago..helped with the 2006 “La Marcha” in Phoenix..fighting 1070 etc..I been political since I personally saw JFK at ELA Jr.College in 1960..with Frank Sinatra!!..(I got bit by the political Bug right then and there) For your info..i just need to tell you how i got to see them!!! I was a naiive 18 yr.old “Chicana” coming off the School Bus at E.L.A.Jr. College, carrying about 6 heavy books..and there were all these people..i mean..thousands, soo many cars..T.V. Trucks I stopped a guy and asked him..”What’s going on?”..and he turned and looked at me.. and said ” YOU DON’T KNOW? JOHN F. KENNEDY IS HERE!!!”..He said to me..wanna see?? follow me”…so I followed him up stairs etc..finally when we arrived to sit down..the whole place errupted in deafening applause and cheers!!! I just stood there in disbelief!! there was John F. Kennedy and Frank Sinatra in a Convertible Limosine driving around the field..WOW WOW WOW!! I will never forget these moments..i don’t remember anything else..i don’t even know if i ever sat down!!..i just remember that when i everyone began to leave..that “I HAD BEEN IN THE PRESS BOX!!!” WHAT???…I was hooked on politics!!..I am soo happy Michelle Obama will be here in Phoenix on Sun..will try to go..I have soo many more stories you will never believe about my Political Journey…most importantly..Please encourage your readers to VOTE VOTE VOTE!! I was just watching on You Tube “Adios Muchachos” song the other day (sung in the early 1900’s by Carlos Gardel..I was going down memory lane remembering my Grandfather Mariano Rio delaLoza…Grandson of Dr. Leopoldo Rio de la Loza “Father of Science” in Mexico..My husband happens to be the Great Grandson of “Justo Sierra O’Rielly Peniche”(Father of Education in Mexico..what a trip..for their two offspring to meet and marry (destiny??)….sooo proud!! even before I found out in the 1980’s when my husband and I went looking for our Ancestors Birth Certificates..we wanted to know where our ancestors came from..of course we are indigenous( I, Tarahumara and Black Foot and my Hubby Yucatan) but where in Europe are our ancestors from? “Mexican”..Mixed races(Meztizos)..sorry hope you are still reading..and i hope i did not bore you too mucho!! I am soo proud of our heritage!! as everyone of us should be!! never ever let the Racists tell you/us anything else(1/3 of the USA was Mexico!! Hello!!And Like the Black Slaves, we Mexicans have helped to build this Country with our sweat and tears..not to mention our Blood shed in greater numers during WWI, WWII and all the wars!! My husband and I visited the Pyamids of Chi chi nitza, Yucatan..and the 5 Civilizations in Mex. DF..also we visited Machu Picchu in Peru, South America..all built by our ancestors!! all done while the Europeans were stumbling in the mud!! as you may or may not be aware we had the advanced knowledge/intelligence in engineering in all phases of building etc..including of water, management fresh and waste water..astrology etc..before any other..when the Europeans arrived they tried to destroy what they did not understand..but missed the City of Machu Picchu..which was high in the mountains..and not discovered till much later..i need to write a planning on it too..i am now 75 years old and time is running out!! take care and God Bless you all at “Pocho”..VOTO VOTO VOTO..the Beautiful Brown Giant Awakens!! I think we democrats may win Arizona back!!The “Arizona Republic Newspaper” has “ENDORSED CLINTON!!! first time in 150 years!! they are now getting death threats!! it is getting really scarey!! you guys please be careful..anything is possible with the maniac “racist, hate spewing Trumpedo” loose..I am praying every single day extra Rosaries for us all!! Bendiciones..Dona Irene Roaro-Jasso RiodelaLoza <3<3

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