Everyday racist bullsh*t (AKA ‘racial microaggressions’) [photos]

by Verdana Bold on December 12, 2013 in Cultura, Las Fotos

Fordham student Kiyun asked her school friends to “write down an instance of racial microaggression they have faced,” then she took their photos.

Here are (what may be/could be/possibly look like) four of the “Latino” photos [click to enlarge.] The rest are here and here.





mike acatl December 12, 2013 at 9:28 AM

This is silly. The Latinos I know are not that sensitive. If we are looking that hard for racism, or if this is the worst that these kids must endure I am not concerned for them. In each case I can see how those mistakes can easily be made by anyone of any race. The offenders in these cases may not have the tact that they should, but they are far from racist. Racism is institutionalized behaviors that profit the oppressor. These examples look to me like growing pains. In each case these kids were being included, not excluded, however the process was not as smooth as it could have been. A far cry from being ostracized and exploited. I also do not think (us) Latinos should model our acts of resistance or sensitivity to racism at the same level as other ethnic minority races have done. We have numbers on our side. We will not be the minority in perpetuity. We should prepare ourselves for leadership and not spend too much time crying over the small offences. We will not be in this position forever. If anything, these examples are evidence that behaviors have changed tremendously in the past three decades. My advice to these young people is to look their offender directly in the eye and correct them… then move on it’s over. You are their equal, capable of making mistakes and accepting correction.

ludwing canales December 25, 2013 at 9:30 AM

At first I thought this comment was undermining an individual’s level of tolerance. And thought:
, no, no level of stereotype should b tolerated
,I bet you don’t introduce every “euranglaxon” as smith
,or, ask them to play the role of serial killer in a skit.
But after reflecting on your comment, I thought you have a point. That is,
nuestros jovenes tienen que empesar a enforce the power their voices carry.Look straight into the oppressor’s eyes and make the correction by saying something like:
,shut the fuckup piece of shit bolone breath.
You have a voice,

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