Fantastic Four fight ‘The Hate Monger’ (Marvel Comics radio show)

by Comic Saenz on August 29, 2016 in Audio, Cartoons, Cultura, Video

The superhero gang just want a regular Fantastic Four superhero kinda day, but things are a little off kilter: An evil character called The Hate Monger is causing a massive disturbance in the Force with his hateful rhetoric.

ComicVine @ GameSpot sets it up:

The FF go out and run into the Hate-Monger. The Hate-Monger was a fascist orator dressed in a purple outfit shouting intolerance against all foreigners and those who don’t agree with him. The Thing is so appalled by his speech that he smashes the Hate-Monger’s grandstand but….

Stan Lee himself and Bill Murray as Human Torch star in this 1975 Marvel Comics Radio Show episode.




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