Visit the Shrine of the Boob for Women’s History Month (video, photos)

by Lucida Grandé on March 6, 2017 in Cultura, Las Fotos, Video

They’re not Salma Hayek’s breasts, but slight, elegant Japanese tetas. They deserve a shrine of their own — a boob shrine.

Located in Soja City, in Japan’s Okayama Prefecture, Karube Shrine is dedicated to Chichigamisama, the Goddess of Breasts.

Oddity Central keeps us abreast:

She is believed to help with safe child births, the production of breast milk, and even curing breast cancer. Built in 1678, the shrine became famous due to a now dead weeping cherry tree, that grew nearby.

Most women come to Karube Shrine to pray for a safe child birth, abundant lactation and breast cancer healing, but there are those who ask the Goddess of Breasts for a bigger bust.

Those boob-like things that decorate the shrine’s interior are Ema, small wooden planks, where worshipers write their prayers and requests, in the hope that the god receive them. They cost about $21, and can be ordered online, if you’re interested.

The breast fountain, side view:


Worshippers write down their requests on Emas:



And burn incense an an altar:


Additional shrine photos via Kotaku.

{Yes we ran this story three years ago. It’s still good, though.)

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