Howard University in hoodies: ‘Am I Suspicious?’ (video)

by Verdana Bold on July 17, 2013 in El Now, Video

Run! Black men in hoodies! These Howard University undergrads and grads are not the gangsters you were looking for.

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PG July 21, 2013 at 4:25 AM

How sad it is when supposedly intelligent young men are so misguided. I have a hoodie and I’m white. If you live in a neighborhood being terrorized you follow people who don’t live there if you are a diligent watch person. the skin color of the people doesn’t matter. I do know out in Montgomery Village when a friend of mine, a Brazilian man in his 70’s was robbed by some young people, we started watching out at night. He described the 3 young men, it was a description, you could call it a profile. When a young girl was getting beaten up in front of my house and another girl was chased home by a man at dusk and or cars were being broken into on a nightly basis and property was being stolen, we watched and mad ur appearance known. The color of the young people hanging out didn’t matter, but I can tell you I was threatened with being shot and beaten by these sweet young men. So yeah people watch and sometimes follow people through their neighborhood.

Trayvon used a racial slur, in my opinion, Cracker is the same as any other racial slur. I know that it sure as hell is a racial slur and not a term of hatred not endearment. The ony one n this case we knew was speaking in “Hate Speak” was Trayvon Martin.

Now reverse the situation, a black neighborhood watchman is following an interloper who happen to be white youth. The white youth jumps the black man after he gets out of his car and proceeds to beat him after already telling his friend that a creepy ass nigger is following me. How does that make you feel? The white guy deserves whatever he has coming, right?

What I do know is

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