Grammys face major boycott by Mexican musicians ‘Los 60%’

by Victor Payan on February 12, 2012 in Cultura, El Now, Pocho Ñews Service

Los Tigres del Norte are growling with anger even though they are wearing their pajamas

(PNS reporting from LOS GRAMMYS) Still reeling from the announcement that A-list musicians like Weird Al Yankovic are boycotting tonight’s Grammy Awards due to the elimination of 31 ethnic music categories, the music cartel is now being hit by a second major protest, this one launched by Mexico’s top recording stars.

The musicians, organizing themselves as “Los 60% del Norte,” are outraged that Mexican regional artists, who comprise 60% of the Latin music market, consistently receive only a handful of Latin Grammys, and an even smaller number of actual Grammys, every year.

Comprised of megastars such as El Tri, Alejandra Guzman, Manu Chao, Los Tigres del Norte, Los Tucanes de Tijuana, Los Fileros de San Quilmas and Los Unicos Mexicanos de Des Moines, the group has released a single “Somos Los 60%,” whose lyrics sing:

Somos los 60%
en tierra ocupada
no se aguiten mamones
los tenemos por cojones.

(We are the 60%
on occupied land
don’t get upset now, mister
we’ll lead you by the hand)

True to its words, the group aims to firmly grab the music industry’s bottom line by promoting free downloads and sales of bootleg CDs at swap meets and trunk sales, many of which are run by their relatives.

This comes at a time when the music industry cannot afford to lose Mexican record buyers.  The mass deportations of Mexicans over the last ten years have devastated profits so badly that most major labels have already launched bootleg divisions of their own, such as BMG Pirata and Sony Pulga, to compete with the burgeoning swap meet sales.

The National Academy of Latin Grammy Arts and Sciences (NALGAS) further insulted Mexican artists by holding this year’s inaugural “Mexican Grammys” in Miami rather than Mexico City’s famed Rockotitlan as originally planned.

Additionally, visibility for the event was severely diminished due to the fact that NALGAS could not secure the domain name from an abuelita sewing circle in San Jose.

The long-term Grammy marginalization of Mexican artists in an industry they clearly dominate has been a sore point for many years, and music analyst Sepero Boricual believes he knows why:

Although Mexicans represent 60% of Latin Music sales and 64% of the Latino population in the US, they only account for 20% of the country’s cocaine traffickers. The data shows a solid white line that also explains the predominance of Cuban and Colombian Latin Grammy winners over the years. Come on, where do you think the ‘Grammy’ got its name?

In a gesture of solidarity, “Los 60% del Norte” has offered to join forces with the other Grammy protest group, making it largest the gathering of ethnic musicians in the U.S. since David Byrne’s 60th birthday party.

Grammy spokesman Estefan Fetchitt downplays the musicians’ concerns.

“We’re streamlining, that’s all,” he said. “Don’t think of it as the elimination 31 minority awards, think of it as a much needed cleansing of the ethnic categories.”

In response to this glib industry attitude regarding the exclusion of their paisanos, Los Tigres del Norte have announced a super mega-concert across the street from the Staples Center on Grammy night in front of the popular Adalberto’s Super Mega-Taco truck.

Apart from snarling traffic for miles and preventing limo entry into the Staples Center, the Grammys celebration itself will be interrupted by the ear-shattering snarling of a tiger, which bellows out between every Tigres song.

Los 60% would rather play for animals than participate in the Grammys


Andres Fierro February 12, 2012 at 1:50 PM

“…where do you think the ‘Grammy’ got its name?” hilarious!!! Also enjoyed the english translation of “mamones” and “cojones”. Funny stuff.

El Xicano 719 February 17, 2012 at 12:06 PM

Yes, VERY funny stuff! But I think NALGAS is even more hilarious!!

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