In Beverly Hills, a cardboard gardener ‘represents’ (photos, video)

by HABLO PICASSO on September 25, 2014 in Cultura, Las Fotos, Video

bigramiroWe first met West Hollywood artist Ramiro Gomez when he began placing his hand-painted cardboard figures of immigrant laborers in prominent public spaces in Bel Air, Beverly Hills and Hollywood.

Even as his audience has expanded via out-of-town art exhibits and a documentary film, he still plants cutout cardboard workers in places where their real-life counterparts have been before. Gomez’ aim? To make workers who are normally INVISIBLE become visible to passersby who look away or look but never see.

This gardener with a hose popped up Wednesday just before sunset in Beverly Hills near that famous hotel. Like all Gomez’ creations, he has a name. Meet Sergio.


Gomez’ smartphone video shows how pedestrians (tourists?) reacted when they saw the jardinero:




Photos and video via Ramiro Gomez, Jr.

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