MEChA student upset no Latinos on ‘Downton Abbey’

by Victor Payan on February 1, 2012 in Cultura, El Now, Pocho Ñews Service

(PNS reporting from EAST LOS) East Los Angeles College grad student and lifetime MEChA member Albert Principio is blasting the Public Broadcasting Service over the absence of Latinos on the hit British programme Downton Abbey, which chronicles the escapades of the aristocratic Grantham family and their fun-loving servants in the years surrounding World War I.

“Everybody was all, check out Downton Abbey, ese, and I was like, whatever, OK,” said Principio at a press conference Monday. “But then I checked it out and saw all these maids and gardeners, and there’s not even one Latino?  I was like, hellll no!”

Principio’s angry campaign began with a scathing Tweet that read “@DowntonAbbey puts the ‘BS’ in PBS” and racked up over 1000 re-Tweets and replies before spilling over onto Facebook, when the outraged student’s tirades graduated from Twitter’s 140 character limit.

The angry MEChA student’s story was then picked up by controversial media blog, which published all 1,000 Tweets under the headline “ELAC Student Goes Downtown on Downton.”

The article concluded by stating, “If you can put Morgan Freeman in Robin Hood, you can put Lupe Ontiveros in Downton Abbey!”

Principio’s copious criticisms were validated in the recently released study ¿Are You Being Underserved? which concluded that if you factor out Maria Hinojosa and reruns of Los Lobos on Austin City Limits, portrayals of Latinos on PBS drop 90%.

Despite the widespread support Principio is receiving, a group called Hispanics United is rallying in the show’s defense.

The group’s spokesman Earl de la Torta said his members hold weekly crumpet and cucumber sandwich gatherings to watch the show because it reminds them of the ‘80s.

Undeterred, Principio has vowed not to stop until Downton Abbey’s producers add Latinos to the cast.  Additionally, he may have found a new target for his one-man media diversity campaign, hinted at in a recent Tweet, which read, ADM! There’s a show about a vato named Holmes, and he’s not a Chicano? Hellll no!

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