Meet our newest sponsor – RentALatino!

by Gabacho Borracho on February 1, 2012 in Corporate, RentALatino

Rent a Latino!In our ongoing search for advertisers to match our diverse audience, it looks like we have found a winner – a company with deep pockets and its heart in the right place.

POCHO is glad to welcome RentALatino to the echelons of our Premium Sponsors.

To learn how you might qualify for RentALatino‘s latest discounts and see the full message from our sponsor, read on!

RENT-A-LATINO IS HIRING – TOKENS WANTED:  Are you interested in being a Token Latino?  You’ll get mediocre pay, no benefits, and no career advancement, but, you’ll get to appear in a lot of PR photos and possibly even a TV commercial or two.  To see if you qualify, print the application below, fill it out and snail it to RentALatino, POB 1023, East Pocho, CA 90012  It only takes a minute!

1) Are you Latino?  ☐ Yes  ☐ No
b) If you answered NO, do you at least look Latino?  ☐ Yes  ☐ No

If you answered NO again, we’re sorry, we cannot use your services at this time.  We are sure you are a very nice person, but business is business.  Perhaps you can try one of our sister companies, Rent-an-Asian, Rent-an-AfricanAmerican or Rent-a-Nerd.

2) Are you willing to work on a part-time basis to make a company or organization or political campaign look like it is interested in multi-culturalism?  ☐ Yes  ☐ No

3) If you answered YES to 2., do you promise not to try to seek full-time work with the company, seek equal pay, equal benefits or an executive title? ☐ Yes  ☐ No

a) Do you promise not to take office supplies or in any other way embarrass us, like speaking Spanish while on the job?

4) Would you be interested in being a minor background character or criminal on a sitcom, movie or news re-enactment?
☐ Yes  ☐ No ☐ Depends on which show

5) Are you legally allowed to work in the U.S.? (Only answer if you live in Arizona or Alabama)
☐  Yes  ☐ No

6) Have you ever performed token work before. Please explain:________________________________________________________________

Referral Discount Offer: Even if RentALatino is not right for your career needs, pass this questionnaire on to your friends, share it on Facebook, G+ or Twitter, and we’ll give you a coupon to pass on to your boss for a deep discount on RentALatino’s special “Engaged Latina Voters” package.”

If your company would like to sponsor POCHO, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Actually, we’re serious about that bit.


CHOCHO February 2, 2012 at 12:29 AM

This is awesome. I wonder if the company is public, if not, I’m sure the IPO will be HUGE!
I don’t think I qualify for a job with them, I’m pretty light skinned — wouldn’t show up on camera.

Gabacho Borracho February 2, 2012 at 10:48 PM

We expect big things, Chocho. You should see the signing bonus they gave us.

Ernesto February 11, 2012 at 2:00 PM

This is funny an updated version of the play Los Vendidos! Chican@s of the nuevo millennium!

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