Mexicans + Lexington, Kentucky = ‘Mexington’ (photos, audio)

by Bronco del Camino on April 21, 2014 in Audio, Cultura, Las Fotos

mexingtonheaderSteven Alvarez, POCHO amigo and Assistant Professor (Writing Rhetoric and Digital Media, Latin America Studies, English) at the University of Kentucky, teaches a course called Mexington, about the growing community of Mexican Americans in UKY’s hometown, Lexington.

Here’s a student podcast interview with the Profe (he’s on the Twitter, too) and a few selected photos from the recent field trip he led to Mexington.

Bar luchdores:


Pueblo Unido:


Botas picudas (pointy boots):


Mexican food! Ohmagerd!


And here’s the student podcast:


Profe Tweets:

Lots of Mexington photos on Instagram too #mexingtonky and #mexington

Podcast audio, header image and field trip photos courtesy UKY. This podcast was produced by Casey Hibbard.

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Liliana Monge April 21, 2014 at 10:36 PM

I love his Instagram feed, so great to hear his story!

Thank you Pocho!


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