My mom is a ‘Chankla Abuser’ (Manic Hispanic NSFW video plus lyrics)

by Soy Capitan on April 18, 2018 in Cultura, Video

Making good on their threat to release a new song every week, So Cal homies Manic Hispanic ask you to consider this ode to Mexican moms everywhere: Chankla Abuser. [Barely audible F-bomb.]

Confused? ¡Mira los lyrics!:

I don’t get any fun
My mom is always mad
Her only happy place
Is when her pata kicks my face
And she’s got a size ten shoe
That made my nalgas black and blue!

She hates the punk rock scene
and she beats me until I scream
Shes a Chankla Abuser
Don’t confuse her

She kicked me on the streets
The day I dyed my hair
She ripped my posters down
And broke my record player
I got some news for you
Yer Lobos record was on it too, ha ha
She hates the punk rock scene
And she hits me ’til I pee
Shes a Chankla Abuser
Don’t confuse her

I’ll be on YouTube soon
and taking selfies with famous dudes
hipster chicks will see my band
and Santa Ana will bow to me
And I’ll be just like King Kong
and you’ll have only one shoe on…


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