POCHO Presents: The Mockupy A Billboard Challenge!

by Victor Payan on March 13, 2012 in El Now

The KPCC bilboard next to KPFK got a citizen makeover

While POCHO can appreciate the spirit of the KPCC billboard Occupy Makeover, we would never advocate defacing private property.  We are, however, in favor or turning commerce into art!  To that end, we are issuing the first Mockupy A Billboard Challenge.

Send us photos of your favorite billboard digitally “Mockupied” (See Shepard Fairey example below), and we will send a shiny, brand new POCHO sticker to those we like best! Be creative. Have fun. Make the world a better place! The Challenge ends at midnight Wednesday, March 14.

Note: No actual billboards will be harmed as part of this challenge.

Click here to submit your images — make sure you type your email address correctly so we can send you your possibly winning swag!

Shepard Fairey billboard before (Copenhagen)

Shepard Fairey billboard gets Mockupied

On the other hand:

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