Pocho Ocho things you should know now that Salvadorans > Cubans

by Especial Correspondents on June 27, 2013 in El Now, Pocho Ocho

People with roots in El Salvador may soon replace Cuban-Americans as the third-largest “Hispanic-origin group,” according to The Pew Research Center:

For more than 40 years, one rock-solid element of Hispanic demographics has been the relative ranking of the three largest Hispanic-origin groups: Mexicans have always been the largest by population, followed by Puerto Ricans and then Cubans.

But this may be changing. The Salvadoran population’s growth rate has been about double that of the Cuban population (33% versus 17%). As a result, the Salvadoran population is now poised to overtake the Cuban population in the next few years.

But what does this mean to me, you ask? Here are the Pocho Ocho things you should know about your new neighbors:

8. Salvis, they put the USA in pupUSA

7. Pupusas: They’re made out of pupas!

6. It’s OK to refer to them as “Mexicans”

5. They make two-thirds of the “comedy” group Culture Clash

4. On average, they are 3/4″ taller than Guatemalans

3. Can also be called Salvadorans, Salvadoreans, Salvis, Salvatruchas and DeLoreans

2. Are found in Central America, the Central US and South Central LA

And the numero uno thing you should know about your new Salvadoran neighbors is…

They keep a machete in the closet.

This story mostly by Malcolm Mex.

You can get your own Salvador parking sign here.


Oscar The Grouch Romero June 27, 2013 at 11:02 PM

Why do you print stories like this — just to hurt la raza’s feelings?

Guatemalans are people too!

Gurkman July 10, 2013 at 3:33 PM

It’s been like this for a while, the numbers are just so large now that we know it even with so many undocumented not reporting. There are probably more Domos and hasta Chapines than Cubans now. But they don’t fill out their census stuff or talk to white undergrads thanks to la pinche migra.

Racist MEXICANS July 16, 2013 at 7:53 PM

You Mexican RACISTS.

How dare you write this and post this in your POCHO website with the pretext it’s all “satire”?

I really should report you and your filthy racist site to the authorities, and other civil rights organizations and other anti-hate groups.

“Salvis” and “Salvatruchas” are derogatory discriminatory racist names for people of El Salvador?

Why have you had such racist attitudes towards Central Americans is beyond my comprehension.

And most of you POCHOS are supposedly “educated”. But in truth are a bunch of ULTRA hypocrite, racist MeCHA hypocrite bigots.

In one moment you’re asking for “Latino’s Unidos” and then you’re making racist lists like this?

And I’m Latino, thankfully of NON-MExican descent. If I were, bam, instant HYPOCRITES.

You’re so worried about Central AMerican numbers growing because it displaces you as the dominant “Latino” which in truth, YOU don’t even like that term because of your hyper-chauvanistic-jingoist Mexican nationalism.

YOU don NOT represent us. You are simply an indicative representation of what Mexicans actually think, from your abuelitas to your offspring, to your pseudo-educated Chicano Studies hack frauds. This is just your cultural racism rearing it’s ugly head.

YOu disgust me. Expect to be reported for all these hate-racist articles/posts, “satire”.

Nuvee July 16, 2013 at 8:30 PM

Wow, it’s called satire. People get way too worked up about the machete in the closet. i keep mine by the back door! What exactly is Batshit Man (above) going to report as “hate speech” from this article? The dreadful truth about pupusa?

Laurita July 16, 2013 at 9:31 PM

I love how the salvadoreño gets all indignant about “Mexican racism,” then goes on to hate on Mexicans. And get real, no other Latino group is going to displace us. You ain’t doing better than #3, and you’re always going to be referred to as a Mexican. ¡Jajajajajaja!

jerry July 17, 2013 at 2:37 AM

I agree with you laurita. And I dont know why that guy is such a cry baby. Mexicans help salvadorians passing through Mexico all the time. Mexicans give them shelter, food and medical help. However does this help get apreciated? NO.

HYPOCRITE MEXICANS July 18, 2013 at 11:14 AM

Yeah, cowardly hiding your racism hate behind the word “satire”.

You people disgust me. No wonder no one in this racist site placed a name behind this racist list, instead it’s written by “ESPECIAL CORRESPONDENTS”. Covardes.

Nuvee, there are no insects in pupusas you racist idiot. Unlike the insect tacos your people actually eat and drop in bottles of tequila.

Lauritita… I’m NOT Salvadorian. I am Latino of NON-Mexican descent. I HATE your racist hypocrisy which you have it all over your culture. Yes, I become “indignant” when I see lists like this that under the pretext of “satire” and “comedy” you are actually expressing, amongst yourselves, RACIST, oppressive sentiments towards another ethnic group(s). More appalling is that you actually are racist to ANOTHER LATINO group.

It’s time to stop your Mexican cultural racist sentiments that have been passed on to you for generations. That’s why its cultural, its embedded in you like some kind of tradition. IF you don’t stop, well, we’ll just have to get the authorities involved. And I’m not talking about local. Don’t for a second, you or the owners of this site, the cartoonist won’t be held responsible. Most Americans don’t know about this racism, that’s why you, like the little cowards that you are beat down on other Latino ethnic groups and behind Americans backs. But not for long.

I think you are a weak and insecure people. Somehow, it makes you feel better than others with such sentiments and “satirical lists”. That’s yet but another reason why you discriminate other Latino groups.

JERRY… Mexican’s DON’T help Salvadorians cross the borders. Most have to PRETEND they are Mexican, most Salvadorians and other Central Americans, even SOUTH Americans (key word AMERICANS) are DEPORTED BACK to their countries, their human rights violated, women raped, immigrants hindered in their efforts to cross Mexico to reach this beautiful country…

Ever see the movie “El Norte”? It’s not a movie about Norteño music, look it up. It’s a movie based on true stories – Guatemalans, escaping actual civil WAR, desperately trying to reach America were just owning a car is incredible, having to PRETEND they are Mexican in order to reach the USA. Mexico certainly didn’t offer them that dream. Still doesn’t, they face hatred and discrimination there. But in this wonderful country, they are welcomed. ONLY to face MEXICAN RACISM here as well.

I’ve witnessed, as I get confused for being Mexican, Guatemalans being abused, racially harassed and just like here, I confronted the cowards. I’ve had Mexican friends, EX friends after what I was hearing and witnessing, spew racist hatred for Salvadorians and other NON-Mexican Latino ethnic groups. It’s disgusting. And the more people in this country (and the world) will know, the more – que se van a dar quenta de que pata los Mejicanos cojean.

Yeah, JERRY, Mexican give them shelter and food… maybe some rogue CHURCH and THEN what happens? MEXICANS complain. It was reported in the news, their hatred can’t tolerate the few that MAY actually help them. YOU are a HYPOCRITE and a fraud. Because if you really thought oh how wonderful Mexicans treat Central Americans, heck, any other Latin American, you would also complain about this racist list.

Yeah, we REALLY appreciate your help – in the form of a patatada en la nalga behind everybody’s back.


HYPOCRITE MEXICANS July 18, 2013 at 11:34 AM

And Laura..ita… one more thing, you said “You ain’t doing better than #3, and you’re always going to be referred to as a Mexican. ¡Jajajajajaja!”

No we’re not going to displace you, the rest of Latin America UNLIKE YOU, doesn’t have a what I call a “payback mentality” – that somehow the USA OWES you something, because you feel all this land was STOLEN from you.

And that’s another root-cause as to why Mexicans fight with other ethnic groups in this country, marginalizing them, fighting for neighborhood and political dominance, hypocritically even with AFRICAN Americans, which makes me laugh in light of the current Zimmerman/Martin case. As IF Mexicans actually DO CARE about African Americans. Ha.

You want more? I got lots. And it won’t be contained within these little comment boxes. You wait.

Estefani July 18, 2013 at 6:33 PM

You say you’re not Salvadorean and then say “No, WE’RE not going to displace you.” hmmm.

Guac Laikamon July 18, 2013 at 11:45 AM

You sound just like a fat Chilean! Lay off the pinche mayonnaise, gordo!

Isaac July 18, 2013 at 12:08 PM

Woah! I have a friend from El Salvador and she calls herself a Salvi all the time. I have only used it when referring to the food but I’ve never heard anybody classify it as hate speech. I’m really curious as to why somebody who isn’t from El Salvador is so offended by this satire article. I hope that person who is so offended by this is ok because that was a level 9 pearl clutching fist pumping declaration of offense he shat out.

Pupusa Power July 18, 2013 at 12:31 PM

George Zimmerman, is that you posting as a disgruntled Salvitruchadorean?

HYPOCRITE MEXICANS July 22, 2013 at 4:04 AM

Not Salvadorian. Not Chilean.

Pupusa Power July 22, 2013 at 7:15 AM

Last of the Pendejans.

Salvi guy July 29, 2013 at 6:13 AM

Im salvadoran, this article doesnt sound racist to me, the only thing i saw as offensive was when the article said about how its ok to refer to salvadorians as mexicans and about how shorter guatemalans are. I mean its unnesesary and mexicans shouldnt talk about tallness since they are very short as well. The comments here however a very unpleasant. Salvi is not a derogatory word at all like someone said. And laurita and jerry who said salvis only being 3rd and never displacing mexicans….im counting on that. You realize that makes mexicans more stereotypical. Im mean mexican are the largest but so what? You aint winning anything special, just horrible stereotypes. as salvadorians, we are not trying to achieve to be the largest latino group. Salvis come to the u.s.a for powerful reasons like civil war and gang problems, while mexicans abandon their country in large embarresingly masses for no powerful reasons to escape a country like mexico that never had a war, unlike el salvador which did.

Salvi guy July 29, 2013 at 6:40 AM

That is why the U.S.A gives us salvis TPS. When the migration reform occurs. Central americans Salvadorians, hondurans and nicaraguans will be the first to get citizenship in less than a week while mexicans will have to wait 15 years to get it, the white house said so. So whats the rave about being the largest latino group in the usa? Here in the news i only see latinos of mexican origin get elected for office only to become huge scandle and mockery for corruption.Big pay off huh.In the news i see ecuadorians, peruvians, guatemalans get beat up and killed by whites and blacks for confusing them for mexicans. Im salvadoran and in school salvadorans usually help the mexican kids who get beat up by african americans. Mexican and salvadorans arent racist to each other, only stupid ones are. Im not going to act like salvadorans are a bunch of angels beacause i know salvis are racist towards mexicans but i gets me annoyed when mexicans bring irevalent causes to back up their ignorancy like “we are the largest”

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