Anaheim PD’s Pocho Ocho excuses for shooting civilians

by Victor Payan on July 25, 2012 in El Now, Pocho Ocho

The Anaheim Police Department crossed the thin blue line when its officers opened fire with non-lethal weapons on protesting women and children.

Their response also resulted in a City Council meeting being flooded with angry residents, allegations of  evidence-buying, protest fires ablaze downtown and police helicopters silhouetted against Disneyland’s fireworks display.

Here are the Pocho Ocho excuses the “Klanaheim” PD gave in defense of their actions.

8. Post-It’s-A-Small-World-Stress-Disorder
7. Inadvertently switched into Klan rampage mode
6. Dorito Loco Taco Defense
5. Latino women and children looked exactly like paper targets at Anaheim shooting range
4. Tired of Fullerton PD hogging police brutality headlines
3. “Battleship Potemkin” screening party got out of hand
2. Forgot Golden Rule: W.W.W.D: What Would Walt Do?

And the numero uno excuse Anaheim PD gave for shooting civilians is...

Bean bags and pepper spray are made from ingredients Mexicans love. Right? Right??

Video:, KCAL9

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