Pocho Ocho best campaign songs for Mexican Mitt Romney

by Victor Payan on March 8, 2012 in El Now, Pocho Ocho

Since Mexican Mitt’s nomination is inevitable after his domination on Super Taco Tuesday, we graciously offer our list of the Pocho Ocho campaign songs that would rock his 2012 campaign – Mittchoacan style.

8. Lowrider

7. Stayin’ Alive

6. Volver Volver

5. Super Freak

4. Bad to the Bone

3. Every song by Los Tigres del Norte

2. Macho Man

And the numero uno choice for a Mexican Mitt campaign song is…

(I Wanna Be) The First Latino President

Click to buy this cancion for only 99 cents on iTunes!

(Here’s the video)

Mount Rainier photograph by Michael Russell Photography

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