Pocho Ocho tips for Latino astronauts (like José Hernández)

by Al Carlos Hernandez on March 27, 2012 in Cultura, El Now, Outer Espace, Pocho Ocho

So you want to follow José Hernández into outer espace as a Latino astronaut? Here’s our handy list of tips for a safe and successful mission:

8. Do not order the all-bean burrito for lunch.

7. When you fly over my house, wave or else people will think you’re stuck up.

6. Make a mean face out the window when you pass over Arizona and Alabama.

5. When you come home, you and Eddie Olmos can start a Chicanos in Space club.

4. The orange suit doesn’t match your Stacy Adams. Wear your Chuck Taylors.

3. Make sure you get a ride home.

2. Don’t come back all spaced out wanting to change jobs.

And the numero uno tip for a Latino astronauts is…

To be an astronaut, you have to travel 50 miles from Earth or 14 miles past East Los Angeles.


Thanks to LatinoLA.com for this estory.

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Juan Don Gamera March 28, 2012 at 12:00 PM

You forgot one: Make sure you have your PAPERS so you can prove you are an astronaut!


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