Pocho Ocho top things Latinos are giving up for Lent

by Especial Correspondents on February 15, 2018 in Cultura, Pocho Ocho

During Lent, according to Wikipedia, “many of the faithful commit to fasting or giving up certain types of luxuries as a form of penitence.”

Here are the Pocho Ocho Top luxuries Latinos are giving up for Lent:

8. Theatrical trailers for Olaf’s Frozen Adventure

7. Speaking respectfully to creditors

6. Exploitation of conchas, especially pink ones

5. Trump-touting tios

4. The Albuquerque Journal

3. Curling

2. Rice-flour tortilla non-GMO vegan kale relleno tacos

And the Numero Uno Top Thing Latinos are giving up for Lent is…

Horchata-flavored Tide PODS®.

  • Especial Correspondents Lalo Alcaraz, Gustavo Arellano, Comic Saenz, Tia Lencha, and Ms. LunaSol contributed to this report.

Photo by John Ragal. Some rights reserved.

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