Are you a ‘Chipster’ (Chicano + hipster)? Pocho Ocho ways to tell

by Especial Correspondents on July 30, 2013 in Cultura, Pocho Ocho, Video

Are you a Chipster (Chicano + hipster)? There are Pocho Ocho ways to tell. You might be a Chipster if…

8. You wear skinny jeans instead of Levi’s when swimming at the beach

7. You scored a medical marijuana prescription to protect you from the ojo

6. Your tricked-out chrome lowrider bike is a vintage Schwinn fixie

5. You got “CHAVO” tattooed on the knuckles of one hand and “OCHO” tattooed on the other

4. You traded your Vicente Fernandez ‘stache for a Flores Magon model

3. You use Tres Flores on your faux hawk

2. Your yard birds are guajolotes

And the numero uno way you might be a Chipster is...

You gentrified your own neighborhood when you moved back in with your mom.



Skinny Yeans July 30, 2013 at 1:46 PM

I know most of those dudes. Does that make me a Chipster?

El Franky Estein July 30, 2013 at 11:44 PM

So, What do you call artist Like ASCO who where dressing 1940s in the 1970s? Is willie Herron lll, Patsy Valdez, Gronk , and Henry Gamboa, Are they “CHIPSTERS” This is a ridiculous term thats creates labels and divisiveness between chicanos based on the way they chose to dress or the music they like or what pinche books they read! Where Zoot Suiters CHIPSTERS? They listen to crazy music at the time and dressed all freakin different like clowns they say? Just saying trying to understand this whole chipster mamada! Yeah and those dudes in the video, are not chipsters they might be a overdressed for the hood but now adays is all bueno que no! The only chipsters are those that actually called and labeled themselves CHIPSTERS! That Nico guys is right on the money too! It aint right going around putting labels on gente, is like saying every chicano is a cholo! It might not be that deep and just a flavor of the week or a pinche joke. Pero people get pissed if you label em!

elbatmanuel August 12, 2013 at 9:28 AM

The original Chipster, check out that borcha

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