Robocrop: Mexican groups rally to skewer Monsanto’s killer GMO corn

by Victor Payan on June 12, 2013 in El Now, Pocho Ñews Service

(PNS reporting from MEXICO DF) Farmers, activists, students, scientists and foodies organized a Carnival of Corn in Mexico City over the weekend to protest  genetically-engineered corn being forced into the food supply by corporations specifically like Monsanto.

GMO corn, which is short for GITMO, or Guantanamo Corn, carries a gene designed to kill insects if eaten and hold people hostage to the St. Louis-based Monsanto Corporation.

Monsanto’s “Roundup-Ready” corn has been approved as feed for animals but not humans. Studies have shown that the human body is not be able to digest a key protein in this killer corn.

Monsanto’s killer corn first made headlines when it was accidentally used to make taco shells for Taco Bell in 2000.

“Eating this corn caused digestive problems, cramping, spasms, allergic reactions and even night blindness,” said Coronel Ben Enoso of the FDA’s Genetic Corn Division. “Unfortunately, this made it pretty hard to distinguish from regular Taco Bell food.”

News of the taco shell shock angered anti-Frankenfood activists around the world, who see this as part of a “global cornspiracy”  to sneak genetically-engineered foods into the global digestive system.

Monsanto’s killer corn was developed to pimp its ubiquitous weed-killer Roundup pesticide, which contains glyphosate, a chemical which interferes with biosynthesis of nutrients in digestion and is linked to gastrointestinal illnesses, obesity, diabetes, cardiac disease, infertility, depression, autism, cancer and Alzheimer’s.

A recent study found that Monsanto corn was toxic and caused tumors in rats.

The study warned of the harmful effects of Monsanto’s corn on humans, concluding “This is one maize we should not be sending rats or any animals through.”

“They’re pushing this monster cob down our throats so corporations can control the world food supply. Then, they’ll have us by the niblets,”said Barry Aguitado, leader of the Tortilla Liberation Front, who spoke at the Carnival of Corn. “They know where they can stick their corn! Sin Maiz, No Hay Pais!”

Another anti-GMO group, who call themselves Children of the Corn, recently destroyed genetically-engineered crops in greenhouses at UCSD.

“They were developing a strain of hominy that will be ineffective against the crudo,”  Dusty Bushels, a member of the group, said. “We had to stop them in the name of all that is holy.”

Aguitado and others accused multinational corporations of putting profits before public health when it comes to introducing genetically-engineered foods into the human diet.

“This is just not true,” according to Prof. Gene Fregadera of Buscalana Laboratories. “We test all our products thoroughly using SIM City, Resident Evil and other programs. On paper, they’re perfectly safe.”

But critics are not convinced and remain untrustful of the unseen hand of science. This latest biotech food mishap, for example, falls on the heels of another case in Michigan where Cheerios were produced with a shipment of pet-food-grade oats which were genetically engineered to teach dogs to play poker.

Independent studies have also concluded that GMO crops are responsible for the massive die-offs of Monarch butterflies as they make their annual migratory run for the border, thus disrupting the pollenation cycle in two countries.

“Corporations need to stop playing with our food and keep their hands out of our genes,” remarked Peter E. Disch, author of the groundbreaking book Our Bodies, Our Cells.

“The use of genetic engineering, growth hormones and improper megafarm techniques have also created such public health disasters as Mad Cow Disease and new poultry epidemics such as Daffy Duck Disorder and the Silly Goose Syndrome,” he added.

The debate over the use of genetically-engineered food products has raged for years, with consumers around the world fighting powerful multinational corporations like Monsanto as well as self-sterilizing crops and disturbing creatures such as the boneless chicken.

Activists are renewing their efforts to ban GMO crops in light of the fact that President Obama recently signed the “Monsanto Protection Act,” and TX Gov. Rick Perry recently approved widespread implementation of Monsanto’s untested new varmint superpesticide, Rattlesnake Roundup.

But the question remains as to how a potentially dangerous corn strain can pollute the human diet.

“The main problem here is not trying to figure out how Frankenfoods get into the food supply,” was Aguitado’s response. “The problem is figuring a way to get them out. Until then, we’re going to keep the heat on until the corn pops!”


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