The Lord of Sipan may have died 2000 years ago, but 3D reconstructions revealed last week have shown he looked just like his descendants — the indigenous peoples of the Andes today.

Fom The Daily Mail:

The skull of one of the most famous archaeological finds of the twentieth century has been reconstructed using 3D imaging. [Mas…]


Amigo Flavio Morales of Big Vida Entertainment just uploaded this gem to Vimeo. Here’s how he describes it:

[Oct. 2, 2000] Lalo Alcaraz interview supporting his projects and video from the ILLEGAL intern 10 year anniversary from the El Rey Theatre part of La Banda Elastica’s concert series Las Noches del Dragon.

whitekidsweather200 whitekidsheroin200 whitekidsmexico200

From the year 2000 come these three rare toons from the short-lived comic strip Those Darn White Kids.

Courtesy the WayBack Machine at Archive.org.

Is this an original video from when King Africa‘s La Bomba was a big hit in 2000? We don’t know, but this video showed up on YouTube Thursday evening and we had to share. If this doesn’t make you at least chair dance, call a doctor!

And we’ve got lyrics! [Mas…]