OMG! We’re getting a $5.2 million ATM Card for Christmas! Here are the deets:

How are you, and with your family,

All the arragement is done about your ATM CARD,there is no problem again
but i let you know that .

Our ATM DEPARTMENT OFFICE Benin republic here are delivery your ATM MASTER CARD
with very little amount If you are ready to receive it which can cost you $100
dollar only. Now i let you know that all your total Amount of your ATM CARD is
( $5.8 MILLION UNITED STATE DOLLAR ONLY ) so i let you know that to Activation
fee of ATM CARD before is $200 dollar in any country in this world wide. but
held a meeting with there Cabinet the cocultion is that the activation of
ATM CARD will be $100 dollar only.


In the lobby of the school where I work, there is a huge image of Earth taped onto the wall. It is made of kraft paper and crisscrossed with colorful broad strokes of tempera paint.

Circling the perimeter of the planet are cutout drawings of children holding hands. No two children are the same, partly because of the way the preschoolers scribbled and colored them in.

Above the planet are the words “WE ARE ONE.” [Mas…]


In her new music video Borders, Brit rapper M.I.A. (Mathangi “Maya” Arulpragasam) says “No More Deportations” — #Not1MoreDeportation –– for the refugees.


New monkey species resurrects ‘restored’ Spanish Jesus controversy

by Victor Payan September 15, 2012 Cultura
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(PNS reporting from AFRICA) As the Muslim world erupts in grisly violence over a third-rate movie trailer, the Christian world is preparing to be rocked by the discovery of a new monkey species in Central Africa — a species that eerily resembles the “restored” Spanish Jesus fresco that has been sarcastically dubbed as Ecce Mono […]


Bragging your identity through the rear view mirror

by Al Carlos Hernandez April 5, 2012 Cultura
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Many drivers feel compelled to hang eclectic things from their rear view mirrors as a personal statement of identity, like a moniker or family crest. They painstakingly choose a little symbol that transforms their mass-produced faceless production vehicle into an expression of self. In any discussion of how Latinos choose to label themselves, maybe researchers […]