muertosaltarHola! Is Tia Lencha here! I haf big news! I move to Los Angeles in the California! And I find a novio! Can ju believe?

Is a new life here. My novio and I met on the Google when I live in New Jork. Then he visit from Los Angeles and I visit from New Jork and now I live in Los Angeles. He make me micheladas and likes walking romatical to the taco trucks. Tia Lencha has little hearts in her eyes.

Okay, but I can’t leave my pochos without some advice. One pocho ask me, how ju build an altar for Día de los Muertos? I tell ju how!

I make an altar for my old life with mijo’s daddy in New Jork as a sample, okey?

We make Mijo’s Daddy Day of the Dead altar: [Mas…]


Over the weekend, Mexi-Canadia’s The Mariachi Ghost dropped this awesome Halloween/DDLM music video, named The Marigold, after the distinctive flower of Dia de Los Muertos.

Who/what is this band, exactly? The jefe explains:

Me llamo Jorge Requena. Soy Chilango. Vivo e Winnipeg, Manitoba en Canadá. Mi banda The Mariachi Ghost ha tenido un poco de éxito por acá y estamos muy contentos.

Pero Estamos por sacar nuestro primer video. Dirigido por uno de los mejores cineastas del mundo, Guy Maddin, con premios desde un Emmy hasta un oso de oro.

This year, for my Dia de Los Muertos altar at the Grand Park (Downtown LA) ofrenda/celebration, I built a new variation on one of my favorite motifs. Check out this photo gallery to see how the Muertos Crossing piece came together. Just click on the skeletor niño to get started…. [Mas…]