What’s this? A long shot of a factory with three banderas? Videographer No Cinema explains: [Mas…]

(PNS reporting from NOGALES) Mexico Presidential front-runner Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) will deploy the country’s finest and fiercest lucha libre fighters to the northern border should U.S. President Donald Trump carry out his pledge to militarize the nations’ shared international boundary, the candidate known as AMLO said in a press conference on Wednesday. [Mas…]

(PNS reporting from MEXICO) Mexicans vote today to choose their next president from three lackluster front-runners:

  • Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) pretty boy Enrique Peña Nieto
  • Seasoned Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) firebrand  Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador
  • Non-Institutional Anti-Revolutionary Party (PAN) centrist Josephina Vazquez Mota.

International election monitors are fanning out across the country to prevent a repeat of 2006’s polling fiasco, in which PRD candidate Lopez Obrador alleged serious election fraud that resulted in a narrow victory for PAN candidate Felipe Calderon.  A national controversy erupted which resulted in a partial recount similar to the 2000 U.S. Presidential election.

Unlike the U.S. election, however, Lopez Obrador and the PAN had the cojones to contest the results and actually set up an alternative administration in Mexico City to assert his victory. Fistfights over the results also broke out in the Mexican Legislative Palace, including one that was broadcast live to tha nation right before Calderon was sworn into office.

North of the border, the campaign of GOP nominee wannabe Gov. Mitt Romney is paying close attention to the election and is especially eager to learn the latest in election tampering techniques. [Mas…]