We’ve been mocking Ancestry’s DNA test commercials for a while because we can.

Ancestry also has a lot of vital data from its members and research, like what surnames are most popular in the 50 states.

Turns out California tops Texas in the Reconquista; the most popular names in Califas are Garcia, Hernandez and Lopez. Texas has a SMITH stuck between Garcia and Martinez, while New Mexico represents with Garcia, Martinez and Chavez. Make your own jokes about Arizona.


Livie was lost. She thought she was “Hispanic,” a meaningless category created by the U.S. government for the census, but after she tested her DNA with Ancestry, she found out she was — wait for it — all mixed up. Mestizo, so to speak.

Well, I got bad news for you, Livie. Olivia, possibly? You look Mexican to me. In fact, you kinda look like my Tia Chayo from Tijuana. [Mas…]

A DNA blood test from can help you unlock your past and trace your roots. Native American blood? Related to European royalty? Puro Caucasian like from the Caucusus region? You’ll never know what you’ll find until you try!

HispanosAgaintsLatinoTermIt’s a phenomenon older than the United Estates of America. We’ve named it Looking Down On More Recent Immigrants Syndrome:

Last week three latter-day Looking Down Syndrome sightings lit up our screen, INSISTENT MESSAGES from people who want you to know THEY ARE DEFINITELY NOT THOSE OTHER PEOPLE OVER THERE — those Mexicans and/or Latinos. [Mas…]

She replaced Feliz Navidad with ‘Feliz Hanukkah’ (audio)

by LATKA TAQUITO December 12, 2012 Audio
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When Austin resident Trina Hernandez (photo) found out her family had Jewish roots, it allowed her to ditch the commercial aspects of Christmas she had long disliked and connect to a tradition she found more meaningful for her and her son. From NPR’s Latino USA with Maria Hinojosa. RELATED: The Hip Hop Hoodios light ‘Ocho […]