Pretty much 90 seconds of hey that looks delish but Mexican Plate huh? What exactly are we looking at?

You might want to write that phone number down — 0545123610: [Mas…]

True story! In a cantina in the deserts of MexiArabia, the customers ate so many Cheetos Flames that their lips turned red. To cover up, they grew mustaches, and the donkeys too.

For those keeping track, a donkey in Arabic is “alhimar” الحمار . [Gracias to POCHO amigo BAF in Q8 for the translation help.]

detroitfI spent several days in Detroit this weekend with the UNITY Diversity in Journalism group, bringing our perspective as journalists of color to two vibrant local communities.

We had a panel at the gorgeous Arab American National Museum in Dearborn, and discussed the situation of Arab American media portrayals from our varied panelists.

At the end of this fruitful panel, I brought up how my last name Alcaraz, has Arabic language roots, and how I looked it up online to translate it. I was hopping it meant, Great Warrior, or Smart Guy, but instead it came up as “The Cherry.” [Mas…]