“Machines could take 50% of jobs in the next 30 years,” according to Rice University comp sci professor Moshe Vardi. What will that mean for Alice, holder of the last job on Earth?

Do not fear this dystopian future, pochos. The Last Job on Earth is a good thing, at least according to The Guardian.

On the other hand, if your job involves putting chairs back in place after a meeting in the conference room, you are out of luck. Check this video from Nissan: [Mas…]

Screenshot of the Burritob0t project page

A cute logo is included with every burrito!

Yes, we know the TacoCopter, the food-delivering unmanned aerial vehicle, was a gosh darn internet hoax, but this new Burritob0t with a web page and tech specs and photos filled with truthiness is the real thing. We swear!

TechCrunch reports:

So this guy at NYU made something special. Are you listening? Put down your phone. Listen. So they made a machine that prints… no, don’t check Twitter. They made a machine that prints burritos. It’s called Burritob0t. I know, right? Seriously. Slow down with the porn for a second. This is important. [Mas…]