Why, we asked ourselves, would these RelaxMusic people upload scores of allegedly ethnic or national background music videos to YouTube? If people play them as background audio, they will not be looking at — and clicking on — ads, so the uploaders will not make money. Is it a public service? Some kind alternative facts thing? We don’t know. On the other hand, you can enjoy two hours of uncredited, unnamed mariachi (and other Mexican) muzak right here.

bidibom“What ARE you?” the Indian woman behind the counter asked.

I was at a Dunkin’ Donuts in New York City grabbing coffee. After handing me my change, the Indian woman wanted to know where I was from.

This happens often — whether I’m at a restaurant, an adult video store or a funeral. Inevitably someone will ask, “What are you?”

They ask in a way as if I look like the Elephant Man.

And then I realize that their question is one about my cultural identity. [Mas…]

pshoprequesyheader Iblackbackgroundplst starts at

An innocent netizen asks for help with a photo, like Danilo here, who writes in requesting the Photoshop experts insert a black background into a snapshot:

req. help

help guys
i would like to turn black background this photo but i don't how T-T
pls anyone help me
heres the picture

Danilo’s request gets a prompt reply with a new, Photoshopped image: [Mas…]

What is she wearing? And who are those dudes in the background?

VH Juan takes an up close and personal look at superstar Tejano band Los Mojados Guapos in this short segment from Behind La Musica.

Gustavo Aguilar and Juan Cabrera, Mexican day laborers alone in a Twilight Zone desert, are confronted by a screaming protest against illegal immigration. Ours is a world of mirage and illusion, they remind us, and you have to believe it to see it.