🎶 We had a Prez, Oh Bama was his name…🎶

Chicano superstars Tierra channel the spirit of dead Pacoima pocho Ritchie Valens’ hit Oh, Donna in Oh, Bama, a love song for President Obama. We miss him, too.

El Paso was a huge hit for Marty Robbins in 1960. It’s the sad tale of two gringos and one mujer — the dark-eyed dancing Felina.

Here are the lyrics: [Mas…]

The great Lalo Guerrero can hardly sing for all the weeping as he performs There’s No Tortillas. And who can blame him?

Here’s our favorite (non parody) Lalo Guerrero song — he calls it a “boogie woogie jitterbug”: [Mas…]

So Cal homies Chicano Batman lay down a soulful groove and tell an eternal story in Cycles of Existential Rhyme. [POCHO amigo Giovanni Solis produced and directed the just-released video.]

Detroit’s Bob Seger released East L.A. in 1984 as a B-side to a 45 RPM single. This classic rock oldie is dedicated to all the people in East Los looking at those rich Hollywood Hills people living in houses on stilts. Maybe it’s a good thing that they’re only across town yet still “a hundred million miles away.” [Mas…]

The wetback drove from Laredo to San Antonio to see his girl — and that’s when the trouble started.

Lost Acapulco: ‘Miradas De Amor’ (old-school long board surf music)

by Comic Saenz March 14, 2012 Cultura
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Hang ten, pochos, with this super mellow old-school surf guitar instrumental from Lost Acapulco, the Mexico City surf, garage and punk band.