Amarillo by Ana Pérez López considers the banana, a fruit that has been part of our cultural history for centuries and is now threatened by extinction through monocropping and a looming epidemic. López is an MFA candidate at CalArts.

Bananas. Ham? Baloney? Salami at the bottom? We haven’t seen an actual print copy. Have you?

mexichickenKorean fast food chain Mexicana Chicken wants you stop, look, and listen, and then try their new pink strawberry chicken, yellow banana chicken and green cantaloupe chicken. For realz.

The company’s “Stoplight Chicken” — small pieces of boneless chicken coated in flavored powders colored red, yellow, and green — are the three colors of a traffic signal. Get it?

RocketNews24 explains:

Apparently emboldened by the previous success of chicken nuggets coated in cheese powder, Mexicana has decided to go all out and add strawberry, banana, and melon to the available flavors for their fried chicken. However, according to online reaction, the result is not great. [Mas…]

A wrenching tale of a desert crossing: A lone banana on a mission to el otro lado. Can Bonito make it?