They say Sinaloa’s style of Banda is influenced by its history of German immigration. What would Austrian Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart think about this arrangement of his Sonata #13 from Eine Kleine Nachtmusik? [Music by Alan Jovan Espinoza Aguilera.]

ranchosinaloa(PNS reporting from EDINBURG, TX)  They just about went deaf, but Alcario and Isela Garza braved a radio station’s sonic assault and managed to safely enter the Rancho Sinaloa grocery store here yesterday.

The Garzas — who had just left their yoga class — entered the relatively-quiet food market after surviving 150 decibels of banda coming from a radio station’s “Chingona Van.” The painted-like-a-billboard electric blue truck was parked next to the front entrance, blasting Banda Machos’s La Culebra at top volume.

Radio La Chingona, the Rio Grande Valley’s number one station, was giving out free bumper stickers and hotdogs, and Las Chingonas — two women in radio station cheerleader outfits — were spinning a roulette wheel that awarded two tickets to the station’s upcoming Noches Ranchera festival featuring Paquita del Barrio. The FM station proudly advertises “you’ll never know what we’ll play next.” [Mas…]

These shorties are ready to fight — banda style!


When Tijuana’s Nortec Collective played the Shanghai Expo a few years ago, do you think it was the Chinese city’s first electric techno tuba experience? Mad magic is waiting at the Borderland.

The minute we heard the United States Air Force had planned and carried out Operation Chimichanga, we knew there had to be more to the story.  Our Pentagon sources confirmed the hunch:  The inspiration for the “chimichanga” code name was the way the Tex-Mex fried-burrito-belly-busters incapacitated unwary diners every time.  The brass hats’ hope was that secret teams in state-of-the-art aircraft could make the enemy moan just like fajita-fed TGIFridays customers on Cinco de Mayo.

There is more to the story — the pocho ocho secret Pentagon operations still in the planning stages:

8. Operation Don’t Drink the Water: Secret “wetback” forces from the Navy SEALS sneak into enemy territory and dose the water  with “pedo-biotic” agents bioengineered to cause widespread “Montezuma’s Revenge.”  This is expected to cause pandemic personal distress, lessen the enemy’s fighting capability and reduce water pressure.

7. Operation Hot Tamale: Inspired by the guetherman’s motto of “cool today, hot tamale,” stealthy airborne drones seed enemy skies with specially-formulated lard and masa pellets that trap your fat, screw your cholesterol and clot your veins.  [Mas…]

Ladies: Does this song describe anyone you know? Or shall we ask again after tonight’s big game? Gary P. Nunn is a Texas singer/songwriter with a good eye for detail and a pointed wit.

Mexican city bans Los Tigres for narcocorrido, actual narcos still OK

by Santino J. Rivera March 15, 2012 El Now
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(PNS reporting from CHIHUAHUA) The New York Times reports that Mexican super group Los Tigres del Norte, dubbed the Metallica of Norteño Music, has been banned from performing in the state Chihuahua after they sang one of their popular narcocorridos at a cattle expo in Ciudad Juárez. The band began a heavy rendition of La […]


Grammys face major boycott by Mexican musicians ‘Los 60%’

by Victor Payan February 12, 2012 Cultura
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(PNS reporting from LOS GRAMMYS) Still reeling from the announcement that A-list musicians like Weird Al Yankovic are boycotting tonight’s Grammy Awards due to the elimination of 31 ethnic music categories, the music cartel is now being hit by a second major protest, this one launched by Mexico’s top recording stars. The musicians, organizing themselves […]