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Spotted and photographed in the wild by Guatemalan-American Facebook friend Carolina E. Barillas, so don’t know if they are discontinued, on sale, or destined to be ON EVERY CORNER.

In the Bed, Bath online store, they come with gummy worm straws and “chopsticks” (!) for $23.99:

We are like, “OK, sure but hold the worms.”

A Guide To Understanding The
Differences Between Different Kinds Of Latinos,
As Manifested By Responses

T O   T H I S
Kate Spade Taco Truck Purse ($251)

· Mexican: Ay, no.
· Mexican-American: Hell. No.
· Latinx: That’s cultural appropriation.
· Tex Mex: OMG I WANT THIS PURSE!!!!!!


POCHO amiga Bernadette Rivero — top cookie at Cortez Brothers, a creative broadcast production company — shared two concepts for the #MyOreoCreation contest on the Twitter.

We asked her what was up with that. Here’s what she emailed back: [Mas…]

fdahuevosTechnically, the word I should have used above, in the headline, is “Manipulates.” As in, “Safely Manipulate Your Balls When You Celebrate!”

That’s what the Federal Drug Administration advises this season, anyway. (Screen capture, above.)

But I’m a writer who has spent a lifetime in both advertising and journalism, and I know the value of good clickbait when I have it in my hands.

Er… Line of sight. Sorry, I’m distracted by the FDA advising me to fondle one’s nether regions for Easter. [Mas…]

Dear Gorton’s Seafood and Rinck Advertising:

I am thrilled to the gills that you took the time to respond. I am a fan of your products, and hope that they reach many more households than mine.

However, your response reveals exactly why you floundered in the first place. You mention that you “used a Spanish translation service,” and that “Spanish-speaking staff members were involved throughout the project.”

You didn’t say that you translated it yourself in-house, or that Spanish-speaking and/or Latino executives (emphasis on executives) oversaw the project.

Instead, it seems like someone internally had the idea to reach out to Latina moms but fish-farmed out the work because you didn’t have the capabilities or experience to do it on your own. [Mas…]

Screencapture from

So, what if I could find tits and fish sticks all in one place? A one-stop shop for all my breast and seafood needs?

This is what’s on my mind today after Gorton’s fun website snafu. They launched a web page for Spanish-speaking Latina moms this week, and left one teeny tiny accent off a fairly important word. They turned mothers and seafood into, well, something a whole lot raunchier than what they probably intended. [Mas…]