hairymanYou call him Bigfoot. The Arizona White Mountain Apache Nation call him the Big Hairy Man. In this suspiciously-truncated and undated local video news report, eyewitnesses including law officers say the tall humanoid is venturing out of humanoid territory and into human territory lots more lately. The reports seem to date from 2009 with scant news since. Coincidence…or conspiracy? [Mas…]

popoclimbA Mexican mountain rescue team has photographed giant creatures climbing the slopes of Popocatepetl faster than humanly possible.

Mysterious Universe reports: [Mas…]

Holy Spaghetti Monster! The cryptozoological mystery of the elusive Mexican Bigfoot has been solved at last, courtesy Mark Anders.


OpenMinds.TV reports: “The Navajo Rangers have been modestly performing their duties on the reservation for more than 50 years…[and]…their investigations have included UFO sightings, paranormal cases and Bigfoot.”

In March, the Rangers’ work attracted the attention of the news team at the local CBS TV station. Here’s their exclusive news video: [Mas…]