Guatemalan artist Mike Alfaro is the creator of “Millennial Lotería” — updated Lotería cards for a “new generation.” [Mas…]

These images have been floating around the interwebs for a year or two and it’s hard to figure out who created them. We grabbed these versions of the loteria cards based on Selena, the Queen of Tex-Mex Musica, from BuzzFeed. [Mas…]

Artist Chepo Peña was inspired by Mexican loteria cards and George Lucas’ Star Wars to create these graphics. George Lucas said thanks, Chepa, but don’t sell them.  So he stopped selling them but still keeps them on the Internets. There’s more info over at the TextMex blog (by our amigo Memo Nericcio) and Chepo Peña’s site is here. [Mas…]