Mealtimes with baby can be a messy experience.

When Kayra Rosario Tisdell took her son to a Mexican restaurant in Clearlake in Northern California, she thought a plain quesadilla would be the perfect non-messy menu choice. Not so fast, Mom! This kid sure loves him some beans!

fridagroupmediumThe many faces of Frida Kahlo include a somber Frida, all of 17, in a three-piece suit. [Mas…]

menudokid(PNS reporting from ALTADENA) Javier “Flaco” Hernandez outraged his family Sunday night when he refused to eat his bowl of menudo.

“It’s yucky!” the 8-year-old shouted as he repeatedly banged his spoon on the dinner table and insisted on pizza instead.

Flaco’s refusal ticked off his mom, who had spent hours preparing the beef stomach broth in the kitchen of their tidy suburban Los Angeles County bungalow. [Mas…]

In the Great Video Game of Life, a little love from (plus tortillas, cumbia y nopales) can help you escape the zombies and crush the bullies. A true story from Los Cenzontles.


makemeasaintAfter his mother screams abuse because he won’t go to sleep, a Mexican niño’s prayer requesting God to Make Me A Saint gets answered in a ghoulish nightmare. [This video by Victor Orozco contains some NSFW adult language — pero en español.] [Mas…]

Criança de 2 anos canta ‘Don’t Let Me Down,’ dos Beatles (video)

by JUAN LENIN June 3, 2013 Cultura
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This two-year-old Brazilian kid rocks the classic Don’t Let Me Down dos Beatles. Thanks to Gabacho Borracho for the link!


Flash*Back: The day Shakira went to McDonald’s (video)

by Soy Capitan January 23, 2013 Cultura
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Felicidades to new mom Shakira! No more McDonald’s drive-thru window for you! (Video by Roberta Valderrama.) MORE ROBERTA VALDERRAMA: