sanclementetags“What are you doing?” I asked the teenage boy who was gleefully tagging a repainted space at Santiago Park in Santa Ana. Alarmed, he jumped down the small ledge to look up at the bridge where I was standing.

Others emerged from beneath the bridge to see where the stranger’s voice was coming from. There were probably five or ten of them altogether.

They looked so fresh-faced, ranging in age from perhaps 15 to the early 20s. A young adult with shoulder-length crimped hair appeared to be a leader. He wore a wide grin on his face.

A wave of sadness and great disappointment washed over me. These kids belonged in a boy band, or on a soccer team, or part of a visionary group that would put a person on Mars. Instead they were misusing their talents and potential to deface public property. [Mas…]

These Zacatecas schoolboys take their school bus practice very seriously. And if this cautionary bus drill looks scary, think about the actual bus rides it must have been based on!

School is mostly over and Summer is mostly here. How can pocho parents keep a teenage boy busy?

Here’s our list of the Pocho Ocho best summer activities for your teenage boy:

8. Get a tat
7. Join a gang
6. Hock a loogie [Mas…]

I remember being 16. I was stupid…but not that stupid.

I keep thinking about the Steubenville rape case and I can’t get the phrase “What the fuck is wrong with you people?” out of my head.

People aren’t sure who to blame, whether it’s a larger problem that encompasses the parents, the football culture, the entire town. You can chalk it up and say, “Oh they’re just young teens being stupid,” but the truth is, by the time you are 17 you are grown-ass-up enough to know right from wrong. [Mas…]

Quit it, you drama queens and stop your +$@#% bullshit (NSFW video)

by MIRA K. FEDORA July 25, 2012 Cultura
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YouTube user Karma Fairuth is really getting sick and tired of your complaining about how you are always a victim and “Oh, poor you!” and suggests you move past the negative energy and begin building a better future for yourself. (NSFW language.) There’s more Karma on Facebook.


Kinky: In ‘Despues Del After’ a robot does the Chinese dougie (video)

by IDORU ZINGA July 25, 2012 Cultura
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Monterrey technorock superstars Kinky and an illuminated robot amigo shot this new video in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong. (Despues Del After = After the After.) And we love this older (possibly NSFW: side boobs) English-language Kinky production with an eight-bit video game look, the band’s tribute to Those Girls: