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Stuck in Argentina with a craving for Tex-Mex food and mojitos? Have we got a deal for you — at Planet Taco. Planet Taco is on the Feisbuk too.

Argentina’s Dante Zaballa made this music video for his primo Tall Juan who was born in Argentina but now lives in Queens. CONTEXT: In Buenos Aires, semi-organized squads of cuidacoches — guys who ask for “tips” to “watch your car” — are a way of surviving on the street for some, and an extortion racket in the eyes of others.

Flashy and bouncy hand-painted stop-motion animation, a short and sweet tune, and a pop and punk performance make for a hella music video. Tall Juan is on Facebook.

What was it? A meteorite or an OVNI/UFO? Area kids captured a cellphone video of something hovering over Buenos Aires.

Inexplicata explains:

Argentina: Alleged UFO over Buenos Aires Excites Social Media

A group of kids recording a noctural foray on a cellphone had a surprise. A phenomenon lit up the skies in several districts of Buenos Aires. [Mas…]

Check out Rush Hour, another mind-bending video from Argentine director Fernando Livschitz.

Here’s a bonus video from Livschitz; it’s called Wind Up Bots:


Attention assorted Latinos and gringos: Are you stuck in Buenos Aires far away from home when you’d rather be watching the World Cup with your amigos? Come on down to La Fábrica del Taco (LFDT) at either Gorriti 5062 Palermo or Baez 246 Cañitas for comida, cerveza and futbol! Maybe you’ll miss home a little less. [“La Fábrica del Taco,” they write on their SoundCloud page, “es una taqueria bien chingona en Buenos Aires, Argentina. La única y autentica taqueria al sur de la frontera. Invitamos a todos los melo.”]

Does your Argentinan taqueria have a SoundCloud page? The Taco Factory does: [Mas…]

Remember Capt. “Sully” Sullenberger who landed his airliner in New York’s Hudson River? Move over, bro. Flight AR 1304 is coming in for a landing at Parque de Palermo in downtown Buenos Aires! [Directed by Fernando Livschitz for Black Sheep Films.]

Here’s a reprise of another mind-blowing Buenos Aires vid from Livschitz we ran last year: [Mas…]

Poncho’s Argentine new wave synthpop: ‘Take My Hand’ (video)

by SEVEN OF NEIN March 7, 2013 El Now
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Buenos Aires band Poncho takes 80s-era synthpop in a new goth Futurama direction with the surrealistic video Take My Hand. [Zombies, gore, escary clowns!]


Watchale! The invisible roller coasters of Buenos Aires

by Comic Saenz February 17, 2012 Cultura
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Video by Fernando Livschitz