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I had ’em, you had ’em, everybody had ’em at least once. The Today I Found Out YouTube channel’s Simon Whistler explains why those so-called “Mexican jumping beans” jump. SPOILER: They’re not beans. Also, they sorta twitch rather than jump.

vwthang¡Mira los vintage VW bugs, Karmann Ghias, VW Things, Kombis, trucks, hot rods, and more! The Mexbugs car show in November — 12 Exhibición Nacional Volkswagen Vintage had them all. [Mas…]

Bugs. Bugs with backpacks of rhinestones. Bugs with backpacks of rhinestones on gold-plated chains. Bugs with backpacks of rhinestones on gold-plated chains you wear as jewelry. Does Mexican PETA know about this?

“Meet the Makech, the Bedazzled Beetles Worn as Living Jewelry,” writes The Smithsonian.com. “The unusual bugs from the Yucatán have a backstory as colorful as their rhinestone-studded rumps.” [Mas…]

(PNS reporting from PHILADELPHIA) American singer Jon Secada has begun to crawl out of the ground in the Mid-Atlantic area.

The now 50-year-old Secada reemerges every 13 or 17 years somewhere in the eastern half of the United States.

The last time Cuban-born Secada went underground was in 1996, two years after releasing Heart, Soul and a Voice. During his absence he somehow managed to quietly release two greatest hit albums and two Christmas albums, both in English and Spanish.

After re-emerging, Jon Secada typically sheds his crunchy brown exoskeleton and will spend a few weeks of adulthood mating and laying eggs in tree branches. He will also release yet another greatest hits or holiday-themed collection, definitely in Spanish. [Mas…]

‘Maria la roach killer’ is very bad news for young Roachie (video)

by E. K. MAUS February 13, 2013 Cultura
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It’s a scary day for the Roach family that lives in the wall. Maria la Roach Killer, equipped with an industrial-strength chancla, is on an anti-bug mission — and impetuous young Roachie Roach won’t listen to warnings from his mom. [Video by Haldun Morgan.] MORE from Haldun Morgan: