Attention Latino/Hispanic children in southeast Florida: Santa Claus does not want your milk and cookies, kids. He wants plantanos, y arroz y frijoles negros y res (could be puerco) … from Sedano’s.

Southwest of the island of Cuba, an underwater wonderland of sea plants and creatures thrives. It’s the natural and untouched Caribbean, protected from humanity for generations – and so-called progress.

The New York Times reports: [Mas…]

Peter Bennett Lefebvre shot some stunning closeup footage when he went diving off Isla Mujeres. Lefebvre set it to music by Manu Chao (Me Gusta Tu) and we think it came out pretty cool. Amazing little fishies! Ghostly crabs! Squirming squids! Reluctant sea urchins! Bizarre creatures we don’t know exactly what! Yellow, porous and absorbent esponjas! Check it out.


(PNS reporting from PRINCETON) A study from Princeton University has confirmed what many have long believed: Mexicans, and Mexican Americans, do not actually know how to dance to salsa music.

A Caribbean Hispanic export, salsa is often included with more typically Mexican dance styles, like the quebradita or cumbia, but the truth, according to the study, is that Mexicans don’t actually know what they are doing.

“Salsa is, like, a Cuban thing. My family is from Denver,” one research subject complained.

“Participants in the study reported anxiety and cluelessness when attending quinceañeras and hearing Elvis Crespo or Celia Cruz music playing,” said cultural anthropology professor Dr. Anton Flemming, who was the lead researcher on the project. [Mas…]

An foreign invader threatens underwater life in the reefs of the Caribbean — a plague of lion fish. Video by Quique Rivera Rivera.

POCHO Migrant Editor and Daily Show Senior Latino Correspondent Al Madrigal explains the nuances of the Latino electorate to host Jon Stewart.

The secret? Arroz by any other name