toiletThe new DEUCE app is #1 when it comes to scheduling your #2s. [Mas…]

Every new smartphone from cellphone company Life in Belorussia includes festive Mexican mariachis! Order today!

emostripThey entered our God-Blessed America via smartphones and social media, and now these pint-sized Japanese are everywhere. Were these yellow-skinned child-like emo pictograms invited? Do they even have documents, bro? [Mas…]

The leprechauns are small, of course, and they live in trees in the Estado Libre y Soberano de Sinaloa. Some kids captured them with their phone cams, and we’ve got the Azteca Noticias news video.

You have something you want to buy or sell.

You post your cellphone number on Craigslist or you print a flyer with those little tear-off phone number strips.

What could possibly go wrong? [Mas…]