mashiCheck out this web app where you can make a video with the words you put in the mouth of Rafael Correa, the anti-free speech President of Ecuador.

And here he thought he was the only person allowed to say anything without fear of repression. Not on our Internet, amigo.

I’d love to see a Trump version of MashiMachine!

Leftist loonies like Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela don’t much like criticism or mockery (i.e., reality) so they throttle creative freedom.

Israel Centeno, who fled the Venezuelan Bolivarian socialist paradise, is among the exiled writers who have found a safe place to live and write in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Latino USA’s Erika Beras brings us the writers’ stories: [Mas…]

“There are some words, not many, just a few — that we decided, we won’t use them all the time,” said the late comedian George Carlin in his famous routine about the “seven dirty words.” If you aren’t familiar with it –– the skit tries to pinpoint a definitive list of words you can never say on radio and television [See NSFW video below.] [Mas…]

Last month we made fun of the out-of-touch radio stations who wouldn’t run commercials for Pizza Patron’s massive pepperoni and jalapeño topped pie because the La Chingona name was too, uhm, spicy. Silly squares! The joke was on you, and the triumphant mad men and marketeers at the Texas-based company posted this video Thursday to tell you all about it.

censuradoThe last time POCHO mentioned Pizza Patron was when they pissed people off by advertising free pepperoni pies on June 5, 2012 if you ordered en Español. Elise Roedenbeck covered the story and noted the Pocho Ocho other things you can get for speaking Spanish.

Now the Dallas-based chain is back in the news with a controversial advertising campaign — set to debut at the end of this month — for a loaded pie called La Chingona, a $7.99 large pizza with approximately 90 slices of proprietary jalapeño stuffed pepperoni topped with fresh, diced jalapeños. The company says CBS and Univision refuse to run their radio commercials because the use of the C-word F’s up their chonies. [Mas…]

Offensive? Skweezy Jibbs calls homie Jose ‘a crazy Mexican’ (NSFW)

by Comic Saenz March 28, 2012 Cultura
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There’s a fine line between an honest expression of one’s feelings and being a pendejo. Does YouTube rant-meister Skweezy Jibbs cross the line? Skweezy’s description of his homeboy Jose as “a crazy Mexican” offends a party-goer and sets Skweezy off on a three-minute rant. (Totally NSFW rude language and rude ideas.) So what do you […]