CHema Skandal!

Our Chicago amigo CHema Skandal! wants you to download, print out and protest the hell out of ICE with this poster. [Mas…]

This painting is a tribute to Ayotzinapa’s 43 missing students.

Ayotzinapa means “place of the turtles“ in the ancient Náhuatl language, a reference to the tragic events in southern Mexican state of Guerrero. [Mas…]

Please share, download and print. [Mas…]

EllosMandanfChicago artist CHema Skandal! is standing with the teachers of Oaxaca and designed these posters in support. “OaxaCAN!” he notes. Multiforo Alicia — a DF cultural center — is printing and distributing them in Mexico City. [Mas…]

ElMalignoPARApochoChicago pochos: Look for folks from the Instituto Gráfico de Chicago passing out flyers with this image today, Friday. 🙂

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