baylessbookcoverDear pochos thinking of boycotting Thanksgiving as a symbol of American imperialism: Check out these indigenous and ingenious options for a holiday dinner. We promise they won’t remind people of genocide. Why settle for a Turducken, for example, when you can enjoy these delicacies featured in Native Holiday Treats from Indigenous Mexico by Rick Bayless.

8. Burrlenguaj:  California burritos wrapped in lengua, stuffed in a turkey.

7. Poznudo: a bowl of pozole inside a bowl of menudo, eaten while nude.

6. Chilnobaza (Vegetarian): A chile relleno stuffed inside a nopal stuffed inside a calabaza and fried in lard.


How A Bill Becomes A Law CartoonLast week, the Republican-uncontrolled House of Representatives failed to pass a minimal spending bill to help with the unexpected crush of Central American refugees, adjourned, and then reconvened to approve a mean-spirited barebones measure that also would reverse President Obama’s DACA relief for DREAMers, and worse. Then they adjourned again.

Of course the bill has no chance of passage in the Senate, let alone getting a Presidential signature.

Their obstructionist mission accomplished, the do-nothing pendejos left town for their summer hideouts in the rich white safety of their home districts.

Their Tea Party-twisted debates, however, left a lingering aroma over Capitol Hill, and it wasn’t Laspang Souchong.


SPOILER ALERT: The aroma was SHIT.


chimichangaDid a trail cam in Bangor, Maine photograph the elusive, mythical goat-sucking Mexican monster known as the Chimichanga?

That’s the question on the front page of the Bangor Daily News.

It’s not a typo, according [Mas…]

bigfoodmap Here’s an idea. Let’s decide what is the best food in each of the United Estates and make a big infographic.

What? Is that the voice of (Day of the) Dead Steve Jobs? What’s that, Steve? There’s a map for that?

Coming in at Numero Tres is a puro Califas burrito, known to non-locals as a “Misson Burrito.” Yes, I’m on a mission — I want a carne asada burrito ahorita:


New Mexico gets in the Top Ten with a stacked enchilada with green (Hatch, natch) chile: [Mas…]

The minute we heard the United States Air Force had planned and carried out Operation Chimichanga, we knew there had to be more to the story.  Our Pentagon sources confirmed the hunch:  The inspiration for the “chimichanga” code name was the way the Tex-Mex fried-burrito-belly-busters incapacitated unwary diners every time.  The brass hats’ hope was that secret teams in state-of-the-art aircraft could make the enemy moan just like fajita-fed TGIFridays customers on Cinco de Mayo.

There is more to the story — the pocho ocho secret Pentagon operations still in the planning stages:

8. Operation Don’t Drink the Water: Secret “wetback” forces from the Navy SEALS sneak into enemy territory and dose the water  with “pedo-biotic” agents bioengineered to cause widespread “Montezuma’s Revenge.”  This is expected to cause pandemic personal distress, lessen the enemy’s fighting capability and reduce water pressure.

7. Operation Hot Tamale: Inspired by the guetherman’s motto of “cool today, hot tamale,” stealthy airborne drones seed enemy skies with specially-formulated lard and masa pellets that trap your fat, screw your cholesterol and clot your veins.  [Mas…]

There’s a fine line between truth and satire, a twisty maze of passageways, all alike. POCHO was doing that line dance all week with these stories:

  • POCHO Jefe-in-Chief Lalo Alcaraz finished speaking at a DigitalLA Latino panel in Beverly Hills and was racially profiled as a parking valet when he, Lalo, went outside to get his own car from the valet. Hilarity ensued.
  • Mitt Romney’s anti-immigrant Arizona campaign co-chair Paul Babeau quit the political organization amid charges he threatened his Mexican immigrant lover with deportation. Twitter celebrity @MexicanMitt shared his Opinión.
  • [Mas…]

Obama aide’s ‘Chimichanga’ Tweet – racist or not?

by Verdana Bold February 15, 2012 El Now
Thumbnail image for Obama aide’s ‘Chimichanga’ Tweet – racist or not?

In what’s been termed “the tweet heard ’round the world,” Pres. Barack Obama’s campaign manager Jim Messina tweeted today that a line from a Washington Post editorial— “The chimichanga? It may be the only thing Republicans have left to offer Latinos” — was the “line of the day.” Consequently, and in short order, Republicans began […]