cheperfumeche-nike(PNS reporting from HAVANA) Hey, kids! Now you can smell like dead Commies Che Guevara and/or Hugo Chavez with these two new scents from Cuba’s Labiofarm labs. (That’s “labio” not “labia,” you freaks.)

The just-announced perfume products could be a big source of hard currency for Venezuela‘s flagging economy, which Chavez poisoned and current Commandante Maduro is now kicking in the cojones.

The Hugo Chavez deal, insiders told PNS, was inspired by the Cuban regime’s multi-million-dollar revenue stream from the Che image licensing deal Comarade Fidel made with Nike (photo.) [Mas…]

The Indian Store has everything the White Man needs — dream catchers, spirit animals, books on coyotes and WiFi signal boosters. [F-bombs.] Video by the 1491s.

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It’s hard to imagine a time when clever satirists like Stan Freberg were regularly on the radio, but there he was, in 1958, with this epic Green Chri$tma$ bit. Santa doesn’t shoot cigarette commercials anymore, but everything else is pretty much right on. This is a fan video utilizing the original vinyl.