corn on the cob

eskelote cartoon

YouTuber BrownBelle prepares yummy-looking grilled “Mexican street corn” — aka ELOTES — spiced up with Jamaican jerk seasoning and her own chimichurri. We like the way she braids the corn husks as handles for the cornsicles. And the way she says “BRUH!”

Click here for the jerk recipe. BrownBelle is on the Feisbuk tambien.

No pinche RONCO appliance this time, just a grill, corn on the cob, and all the fixings. Yay! As always, street not included, and bring your own Tajin.


RONCO, the company that sells weird-ass single-use food prep gizmos via infomercials, wants you to buy their weird-ass single-use gizmo that makes elotes, which they call “Mexican Street Corn.” Actual street not included.


cornmanThe Corn Man has been vending elotes in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Lincoln Heights for 27 years, according to L.A. Eater: [Mas…]

Everybody loves elotes! (幻の真珠とうもろこし video)

by Barney Asada April 7, 2015 Cultura
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Everybody loves corn – including this Japanese perro.


On Beverly Hills’ Rodeo Drive, it looks a bit like Christmas (photos)

by Comic Saenz December 11, 2012 Cultura
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Ramiro J. Gomez is a West Hollywood installation artist who makes and places cardboard avatars of immigrant laborers around Southern California’s richer neighborhoods; his mission is to make normally invisible people visible, if just for a short time. Monday around 4:30 Gomez was busy populating the cardboard labor force on Beverly Hills‘ famed shopping street, […]