corn tortillas

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In Bridgeport, Texas, near Dallas, the La Campechanita Taqueria trailer (now up on blocks) serves terrific tacos on corn tortillas so you won’t get all bloated and have to poop. Because Texas.

Chris Donovan of FatFoodaolics shows us How to Make Corn Tortillas the Wrong Way. Huh? He explains:

Tortillas! One of my favorite foods on the planet. Nothing better then a Taco or Burrito smothered with cheese, sour cream, pico de gallo, etc. One thing, I can never replicate what I get in a good Mexican restaurant with store bought corn tortillas. So I figured I give making them a try.

When in Vietnam, do what the Vietnamese do, and make Mexican Pizza. Get your bacon, chopsticks, and refried-frijoles-in-a-bag ready and you’re good to go! [Video by Ẩm thực cho mọi nhà.]