“Out in the West Texas town of El Paso,” Marty Robbins sang in his hit 1960 record El Paso, “I fell in love with a Mexican girl.”

The popular Tex-Mex corrido inspired Houston-born musician H.B. Barnum to tell his own story of lost love. [Mas…]

Have A Corrido New Year!

Michael J. and Peter D. Ronstadt — of Ronstadt Generations — perform their song El Corrido Del Rio Sonora, about the 2014 Buena Vista Mine Spill in Cananea, Sonora, Mexico. The spill released copper sulphate acid that flowed down the Rio Bacanuchi to the Rio Sonora.

The river supplies water for the capital city of Hermosillo. There is still no agreement on damages nor have there been any efforts to take remedial and preventative measures for the future. [Mas…]

Tapia Corel and Jim RhodesPartners ‘N Crime from LA’s San Fernando Valley — sing a sad corrido, the tale of a lover who is nothing but trouble. [The Spanglish lyrics may be NSFW in a work situation where people who understand Spanglish are also uptight pendejos.]

The wetback drove from Laredo to San Antonio to see his girl — and that’s when the trouble started.